About Us

We’re a pharmacy company who promise to deliver healthcare in an Epic way.

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Who we are

Epic has over 30 years of experience in hospital pharmacy and oncology services and is committed to delivering exceptional pharmacy care for our hospital patients. You might remember us as APHS, a name we’ve worked under for a long time. But the name APHS didn't really capture the spirit at the heart of our organisation, and also made it really hard to explain to people at barbecues who we are and what we do!



What's in a word

  • Energy

    Energy is our at our core. Everything we do reflects energy, it radiates from our teams to the people we connect with every day.

  • Purpose

    Our teams work with purpose. They understand their roles in a way that adds value to Epic Pharmacy and the people we serve.

  • Innovate

    Innovate is our very being. We approach every day with imagination and a desire to make things the very best they can be.

  • Connect

    Connect defines us. We strive to deliver results above and beyond the expectations of the people we work with, the people we serve and everyone in between!

  • Leaders

    Leaders what we’re determined to remain. At Epic we don’t aspire to follow but to be the game changer in our industry.

  • Inclusive

    Inclusive defines the Epic approach. We are listen to our customers, listen to the market and most importantly listen to the opinions and ideas of our people.

  • Influencers

    Influencers is more than just being a leader. Not only do we want to lead, we want to change the way things are done for the benefit of the people we serve.

  • Explorers

    Explorers defines our innovative spirit. We explore the opportunities, the landscape and find a way to make our mark through change.

  • Deliberative

    Deliberative is part of our purpose value. We know what we have to do and make informed decisions to achieve our goals.

  • Philanthropic

    Philanthropic is part of our fabric. We believe in giving back to the community we serve and put it into action at a corporate and local level.

  • Team

    Team is what we are. A team who believe in who we are and the service we deliver.

  • Eager

    Eager defines an important part of our energetic spirit; eager to discover, learn and share.

  • Trustworthy

    Trustworthy is what we are. As health professionals, ethics and honesty will always be integral to the way we operate.

  • Activators

    Activators is who we are; we turn thoughts into actions.

  • Community

    Community is what we are; a community of people who support each other in our goals and achievements, and support our community through charity and caring.

  • Disruptors

    Disruptors defines the way in which we actively seek to question the norm and do business differently for the benefit of our customers.

  • Caring

    Caring is at the core of what we do every day. No matter what our roles are, at Epic Pharmacy our end goal is to ensure every patient or aged care resident benefits from the professional healthcare service we provide them.