Epic Practice

We're committed to being innovators in the pharmacy industry.

Previously, our audit program was paper-based, which meant it wasn’t a quick way to identify areas for improvement A picture tells a thousand words, and being able to capture the moment with technology has reduced audit time at each Epic Pharmacy site The app provides us with instant performance feedback This allows rapid analysis of safety and quality issues, including identifying organisation-wide trends, and swift improvements to practice. This has enhanced the care we provide to our patients
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Innovative Practice

Our Epic Practice team was formed in 2008 to assess and evaluate new technologies. A first in the pharmacy industry, this team investigates ways to ensure patients receive high quality pharmacy care.

One of our newest innovations is our telepharmacy service. An app-based program, available across all platforms and devices, the Epic Telepharmacy solution is used to connect patients with our pharmacy team, anywhere, any time. It provides cancer patients access to our specialist oncology pharmacists. This technology also provides our pre-registration pharmacists with access to experienced mentors and a wide-range of training options. 

Best Practice 

Our Epic Practice unit monitors the safety and quality of the services we provide to our partners and patients using audits based on national and international best practice standards. The Epic Inspection App outlined above is a tablet and web-based tool designed to enhance the efficiency of our quality assurance program and continually improve our practice.