Hospital and Oncology

Epic Pharmacy partners with hospitals and oncology centres around Australia to deliver the best possible service for patients. 

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What we do every day:

  • Prepare medicines for patients while in hospital, and when they're ready to go home. You'll have access to the same Medicare subsidies and Safety Net benefits as you get at the local pharmacy
  • Ensure hospital staff have the most up-to-date information on medicines and their interactions so patients receive the safest possible care
  • Help hospitals manage the costs of medicines by ensuring cost-effective methods of supply
  • Make sure hospitals have the medicines you need, when you need them
  • Make sure you understand how to take your medicines and what you're taking in order to stay safe and well


  • Prepare chemotherapy for patients undergoing cancer treatment; a complex and vital part of the service we deliver
  • Provide specialised pharmacy services for different hospital departments and wards 
  • Support complex disease management, ensuring people have access to important information once they return to their homes 
  • Liaise with local pharmacies when it’s required to ensure your continuity of care 
  • Participate in clinical trials to help develop new medicines and treatments 
  • Participate in compassionate programs to enable patients to access new medicines and treatments